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As much as you loved it when he fingered you, nothing could compare to the way he filled you up. You flinched as Tom ran the piece of ice back up your body and began to move it in slow circles around your nipples, one to the other; back and forth again and again until both were almost painfully hard. After taking his own sweet time to lick and tease and drag his icy touch around your body, you finally felt Tom settle down between your legs to direct his attention to where you needed him most. Eager, enthusiastic and greedy, moaning all the while like the just the taste of you was enough to get him off. The anticipation was always the hardest part.

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He lapped at you again and again alternating between quick little kitten licks and long deep wet strokes of his tongue; his saliva mixing with your arousal and running down your slit to pool beneath you on the sheets.

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He wanted to hear you say it. He reached between your bodies and eased two long slender fingers inside of you. Not being able to move or see meant trying to rely on your other senses to get a feel for what was about to happen. Tom climbed up your body as the aftershocks of your orgasm still tore through you.

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