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But it's gonna be over before you know it. He continued to whimper and cry and Namjoon's smile only grew. Nishiki awakes restrained in a dark, unfamiliar place, and realises what he has gotten himself into. Even if it means taking down the ones that she loves. But when he snaps and grabs his knife and advances on Matsushige, he doesn't manage to kill his underling.

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Trucy talks Apollo into being her chaperone for Klavier's exclusive concert, where Klavier reveals a new love song that he claims to have written for Apollo.

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What plans do they have for Stan and will he even be able to get out alive? Things come to a head one day in , when Nishikiyama attempts to commit suicide before Matsushige walks in on him. Setting foot back on German soil for the first time in twenty six years, she is returned to the city of her birth, and Erwin's unit.

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