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She returned to the comic strip in , explaining that she had been so afraid of terrorism that she hid in her room for two years. Views Read Edit View history. He also played basketball on his Ivy League college team at Princeton University [3] but, as Sarah points out, he was mostly a bench warmer. Though such attempts usually fail, he remains patient and tolerant. This leaves him prone to clash with Tom in many of the same ways he clashes with his own grandfather. She appears to be quite attached to her father, crying for fear that he was kidnapped by terrorists when he doesn't come back from work in " A Date with the Health Inspector. Tom is ultimately forced to confront his phobia in the third-season episode A Date With the Booty Warrior , where he comes face to face with a rapist dubbed "Booty Warrior" after being trapped in a prison washroom during a riot.

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Jazmine seems to mistake Santa Claus for Jesus Christ. In the comic strip, Jazmine has trouble accepting the fact that she is Multiracial , wishing her hair to be straight instead of puffy and Afro -like. His job as a prosecuting attorney is ironic: He essentially sends other people mostly black men to the fate he himself most fears, and he seems to feel guilty about it. For her part, Jazmine appears to be a kind friend to Huey, as when she applauds enthusiastically for Huey's unchanged "Black Jesus" play—unlike Granddad and Riley, who fall asleep.

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