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Back then, having my husband that proud of me, proud enough to want me exposed to other men, to go out with men, total strangers who answered out ads… well, it was very flattering. Coming from a very old-fashioned heterosexual social background, this is a strange situation for both of us, not least because of the issues around meeting a suitable third partner within our locality. Thinking about him fucking another woman is a difficult one. Thanks so much for sharing, and your lovely words. We have been married for quite some time and only recently the last 4 years has this come up.

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How I actually felt Aroused, happy he was being sexually satisfied in a different way like a sexual form of compersion , confused, jealous.

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Thursday, February 6, The men would pick me up at our home in Coral Gables, often for dinner or whatever before they would use me and bring me home, always well used. It really upset me not just because of what he did but because she seemed to like it. When he fucked the specific person or people without me present, I undoubtedly found it much more difficult to deal with, even though I trusted him, loved him and consented, and he was doing it with my permission.

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