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She doesn't need to know the details. What's the craziest thing you've been asked to do on set? Just because we're porn stars doesn't mean that we're doing inappropriate things at home. We were amazing parents before we chose this career, and all of a sudden those words dissipated and they decided we were shitty parents and they needed to do something about it because we were doing something we loved. Here's one we got literally three times: How do you keep your abs so taut? She's not like me in some ways — she's a firm believer in monogamy, me not so much.

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MILF Porn Star Brandi Love Talks Penises, Orgies, and Whether She'd Bang Trump

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You don't know anything about her.

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So it went from that to going to the industry and they said, "MILF! How is it different being a MILF in the industry versus being 19 or 20? I don't know if I got pegged into it.

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  1. Nothing guilty about Ava, especially when this was filmed.

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