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But the artist's photos resemble his films most when Lynch captures color images and gives us crimson finger nails, ruby red lips and open mouths full of cigarette smoke. There are senses of solitude captured in the massive interior spaces Lynch lenses, and the stillness he snares in his un-populated industry-scapes sometimes sacralizes his smokestacks and ritualizes his razor wire. Here are some images from the book Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Nude women are exactly the opposite of something most wouldn't document.

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Naked Lynch

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Lynch has gifted movie audiences with some of the most memorable frames in the past 40 years of American film, but I wouldn't call the director's images "pretty.

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ESPN The Magazine 2014 Body Issue: Marshawn Lynch

There's nothing about these photographs that smacks of pornography, but their not strict, stuffy pictures either. Lynch also published a book of photos of melting snowmen seven years earlier. I love your work interesting compositions where every detail is complemented. But, mostly, I like these as damn fine photographs of sites most artists wouldn't document.

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