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Did I mention this happened in Bearsville, NY? An oral history of the Atlanta Olympic bombing. A family of bears broke into the same house three times. Dexter, look after little Norma Rae while momma goes inside. Alex Morgan scored twice as America collectively swooned. They just want the chance to play for the best program they can get signed with, for a chance to make money at the next level.

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Roundup: Carly Rae Jepsen's Nude Photos, Alex Morgan Leads USWNT & Shots Fired at Rucker Park

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A family of bears broke into the same house three times.

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Alex Morgan: Nude in Sports Illustrated!

Not up too late last night. Something Goldilocks something something. I have a picture of where a screw was embedded and smoldered into a structure not my pic, but you get the idea. Shots fired at Rucker Park following a huge scuffle over a bad call.

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