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Bagi mereka yang telah berpartisipasi dalam survey akan di undi untuk mendapatkan souvenir. Just because they gained popularity quickly doesn't necessarily mean the fame was handed to them just like that. M needs to learn how to spend their money well. I was on allkpop on my phone and I think it was Miss A? You guys know how much I wanted to be an S. This is about them, not me.

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LA&M Tumblr — The Rules of SM

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M doesn't shove Red Velvet down our throats like they're doing with Exo and make everyone get sick of them.

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M entertainment are going a bit to far when it comes to their diets. E holds auditions every Saturdays. I really need someone to talk to. I hope to god he will be okay as well as Kai and of course all 10 other members and this all gets sorted soon.

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