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The first came in and ran for 3 issues. Domino followed Deadpool to Rumekistan, where she assassinated the country's dictator, Flag-Smasher , only to find out it was part of a plan to install Cable as leader of that nation. During her solo period, Domino began to search for her mother, Beatrice, and clues to her past. Domino and Wolverine go on a mission to resolve a situation from Domino's past. In an alternate future seen in a X-Force storyline, Domino takes on the identity of Stryfe. The Six Pack was very brutal in their adventures, often shooting down entire crowds of people who got in their way. The two separated after a raid on the facility by AIM members, with Milo believing Domino had been killed during the altercation.

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Domino (comics)

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She escaped on Tolliver's helicopter and survived a fall from Tolliver's helicopter into the sea.

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After a conversation with Citizen V , she then attempted to kill Cable, believing that he would lead them to ruin. They also helped free the mutant named Xorn. One of her first jobs was to stop "Operation: Jericho" which was a remote-controlled warbot project.

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