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I gave him another long kiss while my fingers trailed across his stomach: He seemed to find this manoeuvre across his tummy perhaps more arousing than even when I touched his scrotem; it was adorable to see him automatically, unconsciously close his eyes and tilt his head back just a bit. I began by pinching and tickling and scratching my nipples, alternately cupping my little "almost B cup" breasts with my hands to show off my wee cleavage for Daddy. After only about twenty strokes I knew I was about to cum, and I increased the pace of the faux-cock going in and out of my pussy, but attempted to maintain the pace my left hand had going on my little cockette. Finding the base of his beautiful cock, I wedged it between my middle and index fingers while my mouth now found his left nipple and I began to suckle it. Seeing his predicament, I thought it best to help him out, so I "pried" my hand away from his cock it was difficult to remove my hand from there, in a sense, you know? It was almost an out of body experience. When you make cummies on me, I love watching your expressions as I rub it all over me, and try to rub it in.

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His breathing became appreciably shorter, yet deeper, with each stroke I gave his cock, and by the time forty-five seconds or so had passed, and I'd managed to get his briefs down to almost his knees, he was fully erect: seven inches long, and a girth that my hand just barely fit around.

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After about fifteen minutes of this, I could sense he was very close to orgasm; his pre-cum was copious now, and I would wash my hand over the top of his crown to bring the salty goo back down the shaft on the "down stroke. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. I kept jerking Daddy's wonderful cock as it started spraying semen onto my little stiff cock, my sack, the front and gusset of my panties, and I kept moving closer so that his cock was now rubbing my scrotem as it continued to unload gushes of man goo.

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  1. I love how after he cums they just chill there. Like they're a normal couple lmao