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This comment has been deleted. He secretly filmed graphic real sex scenes performed by porn stars and inserted them into the final edit. Although it was subsequently released in the U. Malcolm McDowell played Caligula in the film about the third Roman emperor. Although the BBFC insisted there was no evidence that the film caused harm to viewers, its decision prompted calls to make the body directly answerable to Parliament. The BBFC has also come under fire in recent months by giving certificates to films featuring graphic scenes of sex and violence.

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But Bob Guccione, founder of pornographic magazine Penthouse, who produced and financed the film, felt it did not contain enough sex. She added that, despite the pornographic sequences, the film did not fall into the category of sex work, because its aim was not to arouse viewers. Last month, it was heavily criticised for awarding Batman: The Dark Knight a 12A rating, despite concerns about the level of violence. It was banned nearly 30 years ago for its graphic scenes of incest and real sex.

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