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This Naked Sunday project is truly awesome and beautiful. This video is a funny and…. It seems women were tired of seeing only tits in the media and the Internet answered our prayers by suddenly showing images of hot celebrities with a huge bulge in their pants. It's called Heatwave and it was shot in my old studio on the hills of Barcelona, when the summer was hitting us full on and made our life lazier and sweatier for a couple of months. Some videos are just hot and that's all WE need. A good dick pic can be exactly what you need, from the perfect person and at the perfect time, or it can be a creepy reminder that life is better spent at home watching Bridget Jones' Diary.

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Oh, and they're also models.

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This video totally hypnotized me today. Today was a bit weird for me. This Naked Sunday project is truly awesome and beautiful. Lucie Blush September 12, 3.

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