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Brian and Colin can always be found in great debates over wether country music is awful or amazing. Tori McElwain - Bridesmaid. Michael is Morgan's protective older brother! Despite Colin stealing away his little sister, Michael and Colin always know how to have a good time together. Amanda and Morgan have been the best of friends through all of their college years!

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Maid In Asia

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Your maid from the heavens Morgan Lee

For Christmas Colin surprised me with a travel mug for my coffee obsession that he bragged was completely spill proof for my clutsy tendencies as his way of telling me he booked us a trip to Boone. Morgan and Morgan don't only share a name, but a love of coffee, ever since they met working at a local coffee shop, and have been the best of friends ever since. These two are as close as it gets, and are always competing in some kind of fantasy sport tournament.

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