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Italy offers all kinds of articles in the form of a Corno as it is considered a sign of luck. Well now we know and it is three apparently healthy young 'uns. This is a postcard sent in the sixties by a very nice friend I used to have. She always could find the most bizarre cards to send. Lol, piggy has a little pee pee! Some of these friendships have remained internet-based, while others have also acquired a face-to-face dimension. Most often seen as a brunette, but like Cilla see above is a lady of many looks and roles.

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The first time he saw her he thought he was mad.

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And a note of thanks for the Explore and all the kind comments that have been made. Just like Penny, Pebbles has been involved in some very immoral and outrageous activities on the fringe of our Sodality for quite some time. They'd been under the mountain lost for weeks, drinking water from luminescent mineral springs and slowly starving on a meager ration of cold, albino, many-legged things they'd stunned with the light of their torches and managed to stab, crush or throttle.

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