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By the time La Roux came to make a second record, the cracks were starting to show. Masterful, minimalist storytelling guides us through summers spent painting boats and long nights in hotel bars. When the dust settles, she sounds reborn. Throughout this time, she had a girlfriend. This all collided with a resurgent jazz sensibility in rap — brass, blue notes, manic freedom, melancholy — primarily via LA beat scene luminaries Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington and Thundercat. The analogies and references are less spelt out, too.

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Its BlackLivesMatter-referencing lyrics reveal a man renewed yet still fluttering in the crosswinds of passion and vulnerability.

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Compilation of i.o.i’s and WEKI MEKI’s Yoo-jung Dances That Will Shock You

This is pop music at its most precise — every synth and drumbeat fired off like a bullet from a sniper — but at its most unbound, too, finding brutal, beautiful new ways to sing about the most saturated of subjects: breaking up. But I find men or women sexy. How does that make any sense?

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