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I found this both refreshing and naive. Then, one early June day when Hope was 4 and Gabriel was 3, Teri turned yellow. Eventually I could name it — postpartum depression — and begin to recover, but for a while it just felt like all the good parts of me had slipped away the day I gave birth. And I knew he needed to work, so I tried not to let on to him how bad I was feeling. I would drive sometimes and think it would be a good idea to drive my car off Huntington Beach Pier. She is currently writing a book about her moms.

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My Mother, Mother-In-Law, And Me: A Love Triangle

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Mom quietly began chemo treatments, and the grandmas traded off watching Hope and our new son, Gabriel, while I worked part-time as a freelance magazine and web editor.

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At 53, just 20 years my senior, everything about my tall, dyed-blonde mother-in-law was soft — her body, her voice, her way of being in the world. Mom was a nurse, meanwhile, and had my dad, a radiologist, my brother, also a radiologist, and my aunt, a nurse, for support. The next morning, I woke at 5 a. My husband, Rich, returned to his long lawyer hours and two-hour daily commute a few days after Hope was born.

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