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I realize how sexy this position is and I am reminded when I look around at you that even though I am naked you are still dressed in shorts and a golf shirt. After a couple of minutes I lift myself off of you and turn around. Then you lower your hips and I follow. My pussy is definitely warm on the inside. Then you surprise me by leaning down and pulling aside my hair so that you can start kissing my neck and across my back while you are finger fucking me.

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Sirens & Satyrs

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You seem to spend a lot of time on my buttocks.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The sun is shining through the windshield, warming my bared flesh. We come to a stream and decide to take a dip to cool off our overheated bodies. It feels so wonderful for you to be in this position; it is like you are my protector.

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