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Acrobatics are very common, with stunts like lifts, or balancing on a tiered platform or on a giant ball. Other forms of lion dance exist around the world, for example Singa Barong in Indonesian culture. In Hindu Balinese culture, the Barong is the king of good spirits and the enemy of the demon queen Rangda. The two main types of lion dance in China are the Northern and Southern Lions. Lion dance as an exorcism ritual began to be performed in the New Year in Korea during the Goryeo dynasty. The performers and the schools would gain praise and respect on top of the large monetary reward when they did well. The eyes are fixed in place, and the tongue and teeth do not pop up.

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Most modern Southern Lion dance costumes come with a set of matching pants, however some practitioners use black kung fu pants to appear more traditional. It is held on special occasions such as the Lebaran Eid al-Fitr , City or Regency anniversary, or Independence day carnival. The good-hearted spirit, according to popular beliefs, has the power to summon the auspicious unicorn, and thus during the dance, takes the lead in clearing the path for the unicorn.

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