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That being said, I have moved away somewhat from that and moved more into my humor and memoir writing. Basically, she walked into the emergency room in high heels and a suit, and left the hospital with me three days later in a wheelchair, barely able to walk. Journalism for me has allowed me to experience a lot of things that I would have never seen. That was pretty eye opening to me. So, I had grown up coming to that part of the state.

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Amanda Lamb: Love It or List It

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So I say one of the top would definitely be covering Hurricane Katrina.

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Carolina Conversations with WRAL-TV News Reporter and Author Amanda Lamb

Her cognitive abilities really maintained to very close to the end, but physically, she lost the ability to walk, to care for herself and to feed herself. My dad was a district attorney when I was growing up. The true crimes are a lot like my job, so I like my writing to be less of a job and more of an escape and an enjoyment. It gives you kind of a wider breath, if you are interested in that type of thing, to understand all the background.

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