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However, anything that violates her profound sense of order, such as separation or divorce can be a shattering experience for her. While long-term endeavors are favored by Susan May Pratt on February 6th , it turns to be a day of hard work, and frequent frustration. A good walk in the fresh air serves as an intellectual vehicle for her. A German painter who was an important member of the artistic movement of modernism at the start of the twentieth century, and is recognized as an important representative of early expressionism and as the first female painter to paint nude self-portraits. The day can be used successfully to tie up lose ends, and may even bring new opportunities to the table. Other female celebrities born on the same day as Susan May Pratt. More flavors to Susan's personality.

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She is easy to get along with, and she has natural ability to save money and pool up economic resources.

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Susan seeks to establish a solid foundation, and would rather use hard work and long hours to build a business or career than search for "get rich quick" schemes. Pratt should coop with this so-to-speak 'boring' day, and make her best to avoid possible initiation of confrontations. Paula Modersohn-Becker Susan May Pratt works well with others, but it is important that she would have her own responsibility and well-defined task, because she performs better when her responsibilities are not overlapping with those of others.

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