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Her red flannel shirt is now untied. Musical Easter Eggs and Soundtracks. However, Stuhlinger starts hearing Richtofen's voice in his head, telling him to activate the tower with his own methods for unknown purposes. Misty wears a red flannel shirt tied in the front over a black bra, ripped and faded jeans, brown work gloves and brown combat boots that rise halfway up her shins. Joint Special Operations Command.

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Abigail "Misty" Briarton

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Misty and Marlton shortly after awakening from their cryochambers.

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She has freckles, and cuts and scratches on her bare stomach. Richtofen secures the Victis crew in Cryopods inside his lab under Alcatraz, for use later when he needs them. Russman remembering the past with Misty and Marlton. While out scavenging for supplies, the crew runs into swarms of zombies being led by the undead Richtofen, whose identity is unknown to the group.

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