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Meet Savanna Samson, Oliveros' alter ego. She said she wouldn't want him to pursue a career in pornography; the business, she said, is tough on men. And she was excited for her son, too. An emotional Mitt Romney announces he'll vote to convict Trump. It's given me a life of luxury and success," she said. Over the last decade, she's starred in more than 80 films. She added that she believed that "everything that I've done in my life, all the choices I've made, will one day benefit him instead of being a shameful thing for him.

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Savanna Samson: Confessions of a Porn Star-Turned-Mom

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Shows Good Morning America. She did end up dancing professionally, but not in ballet slippers: She worked at the famous strip club, Scores. She cooks breakfast for year-old Luchino, takes him to school every morning and even cuts his hair.

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  1. So sad, I knew the baby would destroy her