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She-Dragon also returned from Dimension X with the Angel from the Dragon's original world of origin after rescuing her, and are being pursued by the Darkworld Dragon and a new villainess Battleaxe. Savage Dragon and Spawn battle in a crossover in Spawn Vol 1 Realizing that the Dragon's super-human powers would be a terrific boon to the police in battling the Vicious Circle, Darling proposes to the Dragon that he join the police. In the pages of the Savage Dragon, Larsen has the Dragon be approached by the United States government to form a superhuman taskforce to replace Youngblood. After recuperating from this ordeal, the Dragon fights another prison break, this time in a maximum security facility torn open by a newly-resurrected Cyberface. The Dragon survives and defeats most of the villains, but the Dragon's new superior, Captain Mendoza, suspends him for having been missing for so long.

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Kurr Dragon

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This team includes much of the super-powered supporting cast of the book, including Jennifer Murphy: a super-strong, invulnerable single mother first introduced in the "Sex And Violence" mini-series. He wished to go against his people's peaceful ways and slaughter all humans. The character was also adapted into a short-lived 26 total episodes USA network animated series during the and seasons.

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