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I drove to Santa Fe twice, and we spent those weekends in isolated bliss. Kissing didn't make our love, but it was embedded in the most meaningful relationship of my life up to that point. I appreciate physicality for its own sake, relish close contact with other bodies. You go toward what you know, what gives you comfort, what feels right. That sounds pretty calculating, but I've come to some of these conclusions about workplace dynamics—and, more to the point, my reasons for kissing girls—only in retrospect.

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Two Men Kissing: A Photo Celebration of Gay Pride

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I'm a man of the moment, taking life as it comes.

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Gay Men Kissing Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

And Lauren and I kissed, a lot. I liked being popular, but what really mattered to me was who Lauren and I were in private. Still, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel victorious when, in that moment, she chose me over him. In retrospect, he had every reason to want to throttle me for being such an asshole, but for some reason he didn't flinch.

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