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Although there are eight scenes including a massive orgy, as well as a story here, the movie only lasts about an hour and three quarters. I'm not sure whether this "institute" is really in Russia but it might very well be. Sadly there's no real effort put into the extras. Another added bonus, a few scenes that were from movies I must have missed out on. The scenes are beautiful but the action in most scenes is missing a degree of excitement. If this describes you, Love is well worth checking out.

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The technical aspects are a bit soft, but do show some very nice style at times.

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If I had to make one small complaint, it seems that sometimes the scenes seemed a little rush, quickly running through positions, would not complain about a longer run time at all. And we also have plenty of Anna Polina as well in this one, as I stated, a veteran in the Dorcel world. I'm not sure whether this "institute" is really in Russia but it might very well be. Six scenes, or "lessons", play quite well if you buy into the flimsy plot and go along with it.

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