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Episode 4 - Frozen in Fear. A book-smart but inexperienced survivalist and a rock climber take on the lions and hippos of Africa's Namibian savannah. A resilient mom from Washington is paired with a quirky spider-lover and dropped into the remote Seminole Forest of Florida. A wild child and retired sergeant are stranded in the Belize Jungle following a catastrophic hurricane that threatens their entire challenge. Episode 13 - Melt Down Under. Film of the survivalists shows good, bad, awkward and weird experiences from their different adventures. Episode 1 - From the Ashes.

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Naked and Afraid: Uncensored

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Survivalists confront pumas and venomous snakes in the rain-soaked cloud forest of Ecuador; survivalists face vipers and jaguars in the rainforest of Honduras.

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Episode 4 - Frozen in Fear. Episode 7 - Curse of the Swamp. A former military man and an optimistic naturalist face humidity, violent storms, caiman, and red-bellied piranha in the Amazon jungle. This series features previously unaired footage from the competition Naked and Afraid, in which a pair of contestants must complete wilderness challenges without wearing clothes.

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