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Retrieved January 31, All my friends came, and loved it; I was always considered funny. They would rather play it safe. That's why her voice had that gay sensibility. Having been called a girl-boy and all that, drag is a way of saying, I'm going to embrace everything that anybody said about me, and put it out there on stage. When I did that they were terrified — they thought I was going to have things thrown at me.

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People have said I shouldn't call myself a drag queen, that I do a disservice to myself.

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But I knew it wasn't going to be enough. I'm telling autobiographical stories, and Coco gives me the freedom to be a little more outrageous and say things I wouldn't say in everyday life In a interview, Leupp said that when Showtime passed on the Girls Will Be Girls concept as a situation comedy , it was instead produced as a film "hoping that the new gay networks would be interested.

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